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Hey Guys, and welcome to another oldschool runescape money making guide.

First off today I am going to be giving away a one month subscription to GE tracker.

All you have to do to enter the draw is:

  • Comment with your GE tracker username
  • Like the Video
  • Subscribe to my Channel

    That is all, a name will randomly be selected from the comments section and upgraded to a premium account for 1 month.

    This money making method requires the following.

  • Started the Giant Dwarf Quest ( Access to keldagrim)
  • 10m+ starting cash ( Not required)

    This money making method takes advantage of the stonemason shop in keldagrim. I have never gotten such insane profit buying from a shop, so I would definitely give this money making method a try.

    Thanks for watching guys, Enjoy!

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