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Hello everybody, and welcome to episode #11 of my 1 hour flipping challenge. Today I am going to be flipping drops from Commander Zilyana (Saradomin drops). Some of the major drops include the saradomin sword and the Armadyl Crossbow. That being said, there are a few other cheaper items that will work well. I am including the rare drop table as well. I am going to be starting once again at a 30m start, lets see how much cash I can make today.

The Rules

  • 30m starting cash
  • 1 Hour time limit
  • Limited to Saradomin Drops Only

If you have any suggestions for any categories I could use in a future episode, please leave a comment down below.

-----Items Available-----

- Saradomin sword
- Armadyl crossbow
- Rune sword

Runes and Ammunition:
- Rune dart
- Law rune

- Rune plateskirt
- Adamant platebody
- Rune kiteshield

Herbs, potions, and seeds:
- Grimy ranarr weed
- Ranarr seed
- Prayer potion (4)
- Saradomin brew (3)
- Super restore (4)
- Super defence(4)
- Magic potion(3)
- Magic seed

- Diamond
- Saradomin's light
- Godsword shard 1
- Godsword shard 2
- Godsword shard 3
- Saradomin hilt

Rare drop table Included