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Hello, and welcome to episode #10 of my 1 hour flipping challenge. Today I am going to be flipping barrow drops only for 1 hour. This has been requested by many people, and for good reason. The amount of money I made this time far surpasses any other I have done in the past.

The Rules

  • 30m starting cash
  • 1 Hour time limit
  • Limited to Barrow Drops Only

    If you have any suggestions for any categories I could use in a future episode, please leave a comment down below.

    -----Items Available-----

    1: Dharok's Set:
  • Dharok's greataxe
  • Dharok's platelegs
  • Dharok's platebody

    2: Ahrims Set
  • Ahrim's hood
  • Ahrim's robetop
  • Ahrim's robeskirt
  • Ahrim's staff

    3: Guthans Set
  • Guthan's helm
  • Guthan's platebody
  • Guthan's chainskirt
  • Guthan's warspear

    4: Karil's Set
  • Karil's coif
  • Karil's leathertop
  • Karil's leatherskirt
  • Karil's crossbow

    5: Torag's Set
  • Torag's helm
  • Torag's platebody
  • Torag's platelegs
  • Torag's hammers

    6: Verac's Set
  • Verac's helm
  • Verac's brassard
  • Verac's plateskirt
  • Verac's flail

    Other Items
  • Bolt Racks
  • Loop half of key
  • Tooth Half of Key
  • Dragon Med Helm