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Torvesta gave me this idea a while back. (Forgot to shout out in video)
Torvesta's Channel:

So guys, I finally made this one. 1 hour of flipping/merching at the grand exchange (G.E) starting with 100m gp in 2007 oldschool runescape. Keep in mind I rarely ever tried flipping before, only watched a few videos and never thought it would be profit or make this much money per hour! I am a novice at flipping so most of you who are seasoned flippers can probably make more than I did.

Song used: Lenkso - Sarvagon 2015 [NCS Release]

Play 2007 Oldschool Runescape here:

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If you want me to do this with less cash, like 10m, 1m or even like 100k flipping tell me and ill make one. Hope you guys enjoyed and make some bank. Just give flipping a try, you might find success!