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THEY ARE DOING AN 8 BOND GIVEAWAY FOR PREMIUM MEMBERS AS WELL! If you want to enter mine comment your RSN and Subscribe to the channel! Will announce winners at 5k subs!

Use the link above to visit Ge Trackers and check out their neat features to beat the GE! Seriously though, great website, awesome development. Tell me what you think of it in the comments!

YO! What is going on guys! Sorry for not uploading in a whole week, not something you should expect any other time soon, was just really busy!

In this video we try flipping again, something I dont have much experience with, but this time we use 200m, and the secret weapon. The hack to the GE. "Ge Tracker". The guys over at GE Tracker contacted me Via Email to show off their cool website that has loads of info about the GE and I could not resist showcasing it! IT IS AWESOME.

BE sure to comment rate sub and check out their website! Lots of hard work put into it and there is a free trial!

Play Oldschool 2007 Runescape here: