We believe that price alerts are one of GE Tracker's most useful features, yet it is one of our most underutilised resources. We have decided to give the price alerts the rework they deserve.

Price alert changes

  • Moved into a more prominent position on the item page, right below the profit tracker interface
  • Improved the price alert interface - click one of the highlighted fields to edit the values
  • The price alerts can be triggered multiple times without having to recreate them
  • Desktop notifications will arrive faster than their previous implementation
  • Improved editing/deleting price alerts - you can now do this right from the item screen
  • Added unlimited mobile app notifications
  • Monthly SMS limit of 30 for premium users, 5 for trial users

Other website changes

  • Change GE Limit infinity symbols to "Unknown" on the item page, and a hyphen on item lists
  • Removed buy/sell quantity columns on the Item Sets page
  • Added a smart banner for mobile users to prompt to install our mobile app
  • Fix inbox/price alert trash icon on night/obsidian themes
  • Added a new WebSocket server which will allow faster updates
  • Fixed the misaligned website icon
  • Removed redundant "chat" page that displayed a Discord widget
  • Dropped social icons from the top of the website

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