Some of you are used to the darkness provided by Discord, Twitch, your basement, YouTube, amongst many others. We're proud to annouce that after much hard work from BenefitsOfaCow, GE Tracker now has a Night theme!

The Night Theme can be enabled by navigating to My Account -> Enable Night Mode.

This should make using GE Tracker much easier on the eyes.

Nice work Cow :)

Controlling the Graph Source

Some users over the past few days have noticed that some items appear to have 7-10 days worth of pricing data completely missing from the graphs, but OSBuddy appears to have been running during this period. We are aware that they are currently migrating to Google Cloud, and they might be currently performing the migration on their API servers as as speak... Or they have accidentally deleted some data kappa

As a fix to this solution, you can enable GE Tracker as the graph source on your graphs by selecting Options -> Use source: GE Tracker. You will then see your graphs populated again, with data only missing when the API was completely offline, and we were unable to retrieve any price updates.

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