We have just rolled out an update today with many backend changes and fixes. Alongside this update, we have a new website theme and also made a few other changes.

New staff member

We would like to officially welcome Primo as our newest staff member! He has always been a very active member of the community, come along to Discord and say congrats!

Obsidian theme

Dan has been working on a new website theme, "Obsidian". This is an even darker theme for you night-owls and includes some changes that are helpful to colourblind users, and we are excited to hear your feedback!

You can enable the theme under "My Account" in the sidebar, or in the top-right of the website by clicking your username.

Misc. changes

  • Blast furnace calculator now includes the hourly cost of stamina potions
  • Raids drop calculator has been updated to the adjusted maximum chance percentage, and dragon items have been removed
  • Price alerts won't send alerts for prices that are not current in the last update (i.e. >10 minutes old)
  • The cached search prefetch data will now be purged faster than before (read: instantly) when new items have been added to the database
  • Item names will now be updated every week (Thursdays) to ensure they always match the in-game item names
  • Stripe and PayPal billing integrations have been improved slightly, pending a large overhaul in a couple of months

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