Item Tagging

We have just added the ability to tag items, which provides GE Tracker with the ability to group items together.

If you have a Premium account, you can click on the tags to view a list of items that share that specific tag. This is useful for flipping "PvM" or "Barrows" items for example.

We have already sorted some items into the "PvM", "PvP", "Barrows" and "Raids" tags. Premium users also have the ability to edit the tags associated with an item:

With GE Tracker users collaborating to group items together, we can then use these groups in the price trends functionality [which is coming soon] to analyse when updates have affected groups of items as a whole.

US/CA SMS Carrier

Multiple users have reported that they are not receiving their verification SMS when sending to a +1.. number located in United States/Canada. We have purchased an additional +1.. number which should resolve the issue.

Please note that to re-send your verification SMS, there are some steps you must follow:

  1. Remove your stored phone number
  2. Save your account settings
  3. Re-enter the same phone number
  4. Save your settings again
  5. Enter the verification code received

If users are still having issues receiving SMS to +1.. numbers, then please let us know at [email protected].