How GE limits work on Old School RuneScape


Why are there GE limits?

The developers of RuneScape years ago wanted to combat the presence of merchanting clans, as their presence destructively impacted the economy for everyone. To combat these clans, Jagex instilled a 4 Hour Timed Grand Exchange limit, capping the amount of items one could buy.

What is the GE limit?

The GE limit is a cap on the amount you can buy from a specific item. Some items have high limits, where as others have low limits. This means, the very first time you buy a specific item, you can only buy the cap set by Jagex in the next four hours.

Example: You can only buy 70 abyssal whips every 4 hours

Can you use alternate accounts to bypass the GE limit?

Yes. This isn't against the rules, so long as you are acting completely independent and not involving anyone else in your investments. You can have 20 alt flipping accounts and it's fine.

Why does Ge Tracker have an infinity sign for some GE limits?

In the event we don't know the GE limit of an item, we'll instead have this sign as a placeholder.

If you believe you know the actual cap, you can always submit your request to us by clicking the "incorrect" button next to the number shown on that items page. Once submitted, staff reviews it to make sure it's a legitimate and accurate request.