Thanks for coming tonight everyone, had a great time and I hope everyone got something :)

This was a late launch party for GE Tracker, and I'd like to thank everyone for making GE Tracker what it is today! I'm going to keep working on money making and merchanting tools for everyone to keep you ahead of the rest of the game, so you can keep earning those profits :D

Special thanks to BenefitsOfaG (awildcow), Tyrael (Xck), Rob (lElder Chaos) and chinstar for contributing, we probably hit between 40-50m dropped!

For those that couldn't attend, I'll organise another drop/event soon :)

Quiz winners:

  • G70 - awarded 1 month premium
  • Binary Logic - awarded 1 month premium
  • bloomar999 - awarded 2 months premium
  • Ravenborn33 - add me in-game (Pk Myth0)
  • ITIarnix - add me in-game (Pk Myth0)

p.s. Just realise we broke 4000 registered users, double celebration!!