We're happy to announce that we have removed the favourite items limit for standard users. This was always seen as a major drawback of the website for the average flipper, and as of today, there is no longer a 7-item limit for your favourites!

We have also pushed some bugfixes and small changes:

  • Upgraded our framework to the latest major version
  • The New Items page will display all items added to OSRS within the past 12 months
  • Fixed an additional column being displayed for Weapon poison(++) on the Make Potions page
  • Fixed an issue with adverts being displayed over our guided tour
  • Fixed a bug with referral partner's invoices only displaying the current month in the cumulative total
  • Fixed a bug where list filters were still applied after a user's premium or trial expires
  • Changed the default max-age for favourite items from one week to one year

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