First of all, I'd like apologise for the wall of text, and to say thanks to everyone that completed the survey that was previously posted on here, it really was a great help! I've spent a while going through the results and finding areas of the site that most need to be focussed on, and trying to schedule my time to them accordingly.

It's been a while since I last pushed an update on here since the F2P filters (the most requested feature on the survey), and now I'm back with the next two most requested! I've also spent a bit of time rewriting part of the backend, so hopefully, pages will load a bit smoother for you all :)

The updates yet to come are:

  • Add XP gained and efficiency (with high score lookup) to the Herblore page
  • Allow users to add their own margins (after you've done in-game check) to an item, and optionally display site-wide (with a disclaimer)
  • When a transaction is marked as sold, user will be prompted to repeat the transaction with the previous details pre-filled
  • A page for repairing broken Barrows armour with high score lookup to work out repair value in POH
  • Add a "Farming" page to Money Making
  • Inline profit tracking (use check boxes and add a buy offer from any page)

The GE Tracker open beta is coming to an end, and the site will be fully released. Please keep reading to find out about the new updates and the drop party details :)

Custom Filters

Previously, the only filter available was for Suggested Items and was a basic price filter. This has now been extended to provide an interface with 10 options for filtering your list down, so that the items displayed are more tailored to the items that you like to flip, and will greatly speed up the time you spend searching for an item.

You can apply the filters to any list where you see a filter icon ()

See the filters in action!

Public Merchanting Logs

So you've been tracking all of these transactions, but can't show them off? Now you can!

I've been toying with the idea of public merchanting logs for a while, and the actual implementation of this has taken me a lot longer than anticipated! Public merch logs have the following features:

  • You can create a merchanting log, set a goal and description
  • Users can comment on your log and you can comment on others
  • You can manually (or automatically) set transactions as public. Transactions over 250k will need image verification. Transactions up until this point will be automatically verified

You can read a guide about merch logs on reddit.

End of open-beta

I'd like to announce that with this update, the open beta will be coming to an end! It's been a great 4 months and I've seen the site grow exponentially and made friends with quite a lot of you! If you'd like to come meet us, join us on Discord!. The official end will be within the next 10 days, and you'll get a 3-day warning before it swaps over. Premium users (as your account stands during the beta) will have access to the whole site. Standard users will only have access to the following features:

  • View items (graphs, trade volume data etc.)
  • Suggested items (5 suggested instead of 50 - no refresh option)
  • High alchemy
  • Profit tracker
  • Leaderboard
  • Public merchanting logs
  • NMZ rewards
  • New release items

You'll still have access to great content on the site but a lot of the money making features will be restricted.

Launch Drop Party

In order to celebrate the launch of GE Tracker, we'll be hosting a 20-25m drop party at BenefitOfaG's POH. Time and date is still TBD but watch out on GE Tracker we'll keep you updated :)

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