A couple of months ago, we disabled the ability to apply for access to the GE Tracker API. We have been working on the whole application process to make it more streamlined for its users.

In its current form, premium users may apply for an API key, and they will only receive one API key per account. Having a static API key inherently poses a security issue as if a user accidentally leaks their token, then their entire account can be compromised. We are implementing the following changes:

  • Add the ability to generate multiple API keys per account
  • Allow deletion of created API keys
  • Add the ability to create OAuth clients. This is useful to add a GE Tracker login for access to other websites and clients (hint-hint)
  • Ensuring our API documentation is up-to-date
  • Access to more graph data than available on the website
  • Faster application responses

We will initially still restrict the API to premium users once we've launched the new API backend, but we are looking to open this up to all users once we have made additional backend changes to support the increased demand and server resources.

We always keep our npm package, @getracker/api, up-to-date with the latest API changes. Originally created by @kylestev as an unofficial API, we have since adopted this package as our main API client :)

npm npm

Stay tuned for the latest API key updates!

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