How It Works

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Explore RuneScape items using live in-game prices.

Every item that you view will have its price data loaded straight from the RSBuddy Exchange API. This will show what the item is currently buying and selling for in-game to give you an estimated profit margin.

A full Old School RuneScape item list is available for you to freely search and item lists are provided that will help you find items that will return you profit.

Receive email notifications to be the first to know when an item's price has risen or fallen, to ensure that you can buy and sell for the best price!

Track your merchanting progress.

Don't just rely on looking at your cash stack to see how much cash you've made - use our Profit Tracker tools to log in-game transactions and track them right down to the coin!

View interactive graphs and tables that show you exactly how much you've made (or lost!) per transaction to find your most profitable items. Take this data and find the items that buy and sell the quickest to find out which is your best money maker!

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Earn your fortune!

With the average user on GE Tracker earning 215,949,552gp profit (and counting!), it won't take you long to be able to afford all the items that you've dreamed of!

Create an account today and receive the full merchanting benefits of a Premium account for 2-days.

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All new registrations have a 2-day free premium account to experience all the features of GE Tracker. This includes drag-and-drop transactions and price notifications!