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Small bug regarding active transactions

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I don't know if this is know or being worked on, but here's a small bug I seem to come across a lot:

Basically when I have marked some items as bought, and I'm currently trying to sell them (also have it marked as 'active sales'), while viewing the item's page, it mentions this:



It says "you have past purchases for this item: " and then the price I'm currently trying to sell it for, instead of the price I bought it for.

Maybe this is just me not understanding this, but I believe this is in need of some wording/coding fix.





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Hey Ruben :)

I see how that can be a little confusing. As you've said, it's showing you the price you're trying to sell the item for. If you were to click that blue button while it's in the log sell offer section, it'll complete the transaction for you :) (See image below)

Alternatively, if you're a premium subscriber. You'll have access to our more convenient form of logging transactions :) , which makes this whole process simpler. (See gif below)

If you're only using the active transactions page, then I wouldn't worry too much about what it's showing ;) , but in terms of what you've posted. The "you have past purchases for this item", simply means you've purchased the item and are currently selling it :) . 

I hope this helps! :D 

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Oh I see, thanks a lot for the clarification! ;)


I'll check out the new logging in the active transactions page.

Have a nice day

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