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Age 28 but age is a funny thing , I have a lot of life experiences that forced me to grow up quickly , I have lived in 16 states on the east coast of the united states , rented houses , apartments,  trailers,  duplexes,  not to mention have had more craigslist roommate / room shares than some small bed and breakfasts.

With that comes the realization for me it was about roommate #3 that everyone EVERYONE has a story,  an entire life of choices they have made to end up exactly where you are , blew my mind and have adopted a quote into a lifestyle " a smart man learns from his mistakes & a wise man learns from a smart mans mistakes." 


If you have any questions or life experience you would like to pass along please feel free 

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Do you have any goals in relation to merching? What brought you here. I'd love to hear your story.

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