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Hello guys!

My name is CharityChrli in game. I run a cc @ "CharityChrli" or currently named Charity. I wanted to get that out of the way first so you can feel free to join the cc and chit chat with me when i'm on.

To start, I love ge-tracker! it's so useful! I play osrs, but really I enjoy the grand exchange(trading as I type this). I wanted to try to create a community for others interested in the osrs grand exchange and I figured this was a great start. So why read this or like join my cc or w/e. duh for them gps boi.

To provide a framework Charity Trading is not about real world trading, manipulation, or anything else sketchy. I just want a place to chat with other people who are either interested in the markets or trading themselves. I'm looking to give administrative status to those who show some degree of competence with the GE and are like trustworthy not sketchy dudes(or dudets). 

Alright so for the few of you that made it this far I wanted my first post to be meat and potatoes, like I try to keep my cc. There aren't really "particular items" within my philosophy, but there are most certainly items which provide more money per hour than others. This is why we all trade in the first place. Personally, my account started from scratch and needless to say now doesn't have to worry about bonds every 14 days. Come on in and chat/learn/enjoy yourself.  Better to be in a cc that makes you gp/hr then one that doesn't right? 



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