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Be able to delete any previous transcation

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I wanted to see if I could propose something or at least get it fixed on my account. A few days ago, I can put through a request for some black wizard hats (g). They purchased just fine at the offer I placed and I moved the transaction over to my sales. As many transactions do, the price dropped on me. When I went to go change the price in GE Tracker that I was selling them for, as I was not confident the price would go back up, I accidentally clicked it as sold rather than adjusting the price. It took me a bit to figure out where I could delete previous transactions so I could make a new record of it to delete it, but noticed I could only delete my VERY recent transactions. I wanted to know if you could allow us to delete any transaction if necessary, as my transaction there is now heavily inaccurate and I can not adjust it in any way. Please let me know and I can provide pictures or anything else you may like if necessary.

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