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What to flip? Starting with 12m.

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Not necessary new to flipping but need some ideas. 

Also I read the pinned guide. 

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12m is a good cash stack to start with. Let me give you a couple suggestions:

When you log on, you should start by flipping these three items:

  • Zulrah Scales (GE limit: 30k, only flip if margin is 2gp or more)
  • Blood Runes (GE limit: 10k)
  • Prayer Potions (GE limit: 2k, but don't do the limit on them, as you don't have enough money. Flip around 1000).

These first three items should net you around 400k if you flip it successfully. They are also relatively fast flips, and should only take 5-10 mins (usually the zulrah scales take longer the bigger the margin)

Moving forward from those, you may find armor sets to be quite good. Try flipping 1-2 of these sets at a time:

  • Dharoks armour set (expect a 5-15k GP margin) (GE limit: 8)
  • Guthans armour set (expect a 20-30k GP margin) (GE limit: 8)

In addition to armour sets, you'll find that the Seers ring, Archers ring and Berserker rings will have decent margins as well, between 3-12k normally. (GE limit: 8)

Finally, as one of my personal favorites, try Karils leatherskirt. Usually only a 2-5k margin, but very safe and a quick flip. Do these flips every day and you'll soon notice your GP piling up.

Obviously, do your own analysis on these items before you start flipping them and make sure they are not too risky for your liking. If you need more pointers on where to start flipping or what items to flip, i've got a few videos on my channel that you may find helpful (http://youtube.com/c/Syratube)

Hope I could help!


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Our high volume selection is pretty good for safer flips, also I'd play around with our suggested items and use the filter options to cater to your cash stack.

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