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How flip expensive items?

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i started flipping about a month ago. at the moment i have a steady income of 500k/day. 

The only thing is i only flip with the buy high selll low and check the margin methode. 
with this methode im able to flop items such as sharks and dragone boots.

I would like to start flipping more expensive items (1m+) but i dont know how to do this, how do i know what the marge is? 

I hope someone can explain to me how i have to flip expensive items.

i'm not here to steal your best flip item i only want to know how to flip expensive items.


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Hi Flip,

I'm not sure if anyone got back to you, either on here or on Discord, but flipping more expensive items is easily done if you've premium on the site. You can essentially look at the daily graph and see the current margin, or you can judge whether an item may go up or down in value and decide whether to invest. If you do not have premium, you'll have to do a bit more guess work. Using the week chart you can sometimes predict whether the item will go up and down in value. You can also use OSBuddy price data from their site, or try and flip with the summarized margins for items (listed at the top of GE-Tracker pages). 

Let us know if you have any questions. I do recommend you join our discord if you'd like a quick back and forth.

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