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Found 3 results

  1. THANKS TO ALL FOR THE INTEREST BUT THE PVM TEAM HAS NOW BEEN RETIRED AND WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS. PVM Team Application General Requirements: - 80hp+ - 75 Attack, Strength, Defense, Range and Magic - 70 prayer & piety - Amulet of fury - Dragon boots - Sufficient supply of food and potions Team Zilyana minimum requirements: - Full Veracs set - Holy blessing - Zamorak godsword - Full Guthans set Team Bandos minimum requirements: - torag's platebody/Karil's leathertop - torag's platelegs - Serpentine helm/Helm of neitiznot - Dragonfire shield/dragon defender - Bandos godsword/Crystal Halberd - Full Guthans set Team Corporeal Beast minimum requirements: - Full void melee set OR Serpentine helm, bandos chestplate & tassets OR Karil's leathertop & skirt - Zamorakian spear - Lunar magic unlocked - Dragon warhammer/bandos godsword - Ornate Rejuvination pool You can find the full list of team members here Application Form Even if you don't fit all the boss requirements, if you can still kill one of these bosses, do still apply if you're interested
  2. Bandos Bandos Hilt: 1 Bandos Chestplate: 3 Bandos Tassets: 3 Bandos Boots: 3 Saradomin Saradomin Hilt: 3 Armadyl Crossbow: 1 Saradomin Sword: 8 Saradomin's Light: 2 Armadyl Armadyl Hilt: 0 Armadyl Chestplate: 0 Armadyl Chainskirt: 0 Armadyl Helmet: 0 Zamorak Zamorak Hilt: 0 Staff of the Dead: 0 Zamorakian Spear: 0 Steam Battlestaff: 0 Dagganoth Kings' Berserker Ring: 0 Warrior Ring: 0 Seers Ring: 0 Archers Ring: 0 Dragon Axe: 0 Mud Battlestaff: 0 Godsword Shards 1: 7 2: 4 3: 1 Malediction Shard 1: 0 2: 0 3: 0 Odium Shard 1: 0 2: 0 3: 0 Wilderness Bosses Dragon Pickaxe: 0 Dragon 2H Sword: 0 Tyrannical Ring: 0 Treasonous ring: 0 Ring of the Gods: 0 The Corporeal Beast Elysian Sigil: 0 Arcane Sigil: 0 Spectral Sigil: 0 Spirit Shield: 2 Holy Elixir: 0 Dragon Armour Pieces Dragon Chainbody: 0 Dragon Full helm: 0 Draconic Visage: 0 Dragon Warhammer: 0
  3. PVM Team [Name & Image are temporary - team members will vote on the name they'd like & image used] Apply here to join our team Team & Guest requirements: - Be in our Discord: https://discord.gg/nC9bugT [invite link] - Must join our "PVM Team" voice channel on all bossing trips Loot & Rares: All drops are marked down, and at the end of each trip. We all meet at the GE and trade the loot over to any mod, and then is evenly distributed amongst all party members whom attended the bossing trip. Trophies: [images found at the bottom of this post] Most Corporeal Beast solo kills: [n/a] Fastest Zulrah kill: duckimo - [1:00] Fastest Jad kill: pk_Myth0 - [53:43] Most Demonic Gorilla kills: duckimo - [2,368 kc] Most boss pets - antelopey [1 - snakeling] Ranks: Admin Staff Moderator PVM Leader Elite Rank Veteran Rank* *Veteran: Someone whose been with Ge Tracker for a significant length of time, has been helpful with staff and users, holds a positive measure about user behavior & is a valuable asset to the community. Team member list: pk_Myth0 awildcow killerjerick flex0rnaut duckimo zips [null - currently building] quyksilver yelow [yelow | jordan] Valakhas antelopey [emmz] mr sucre [mr sucre] arcasian [EEEEHHHYYYYAAAAKKKK] expertrcer [ZenodroS] devilwalsh [devilwalsh] xiox [bigcreepa] boumsy [puppa] sellafrica [sellafrica] claytronrs eaglenebula packlack murphysslaw lief3210 g7f lampadampa versager spoonslap host zyan saviorofnon3 mormerilon resista wildmuffin danisharmy zvny dklovedaisy the baxter vacuousone mad dave tekflash Blacklisted (also added to RSJustice): KICKED (previous name: SemiHard) [scammed Saradomin Hilt] [refunded] Team Zilyana awildcow killerjerick duckimo quyksilver yelow lcetea x2 antelopey expertrcer xiox boumsy sellafrica Team Graardor pk_Myth0 awildcow killerjerick duckimo quyksilver yelow lcetea antelopey arcasian expertrcer devilwalsh xiox boumsy ClaytronRS Team Corporeal Beast pk_Myth0 awildcow killerjerick duckimo quyksilver yelow lcetea mr sucre expertrcer xiox boumsy ClaytronRS Upcoming Team Olm Elite rank requirements: - 78 herblore - Dragon pickaxe - Full melee/mage/range void set - Toxic Trident - Dragonfire shield OR odium ward OR arcane spirit shield OR malediction ward - 90+ prayer Elite Rank vs General Rank: The intention is to build and recruit near maxed high dps dealing pvmers, in order to be the most efficient at any bossing trip. 90+ hp/range/def/str/att & 94 mage is all about DPS - which does include vengeance for corp. Therefore Elite ranks will have priority for bossing trips over others, especially when it comes to raiding, as higher DPS is a must.


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