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  1. 12m is a good cash stack to start with. Let me give you a couple suggestions: When you log on, you should start by flipping these three items: Zulrah Scales (GE limit: 30k, only flip if margin is 2gp or more) Blood Runes (GE limit: 10k) Prayer Potions (GE limit: 2k, but don't do the limit on them, as you don't have enough money. Flip around 1000). These first three items should net you around 400k if you flip it successfully. They are also relatively fast flips, and should only take 5-10 mins (usually the zulrah scales take longer the bigger the margin) Moving forward from those, you may find armor sets to be quite good. Try flipping 1-2 of these sets at a time: Dharoks armour set (expect a 5-15k GP margin) (GE limit: 8) Guthans armour set (expect a 20-30k GP margin) (GE limit: 8) In addition to armour sets, you'll find that the Seers ring, Archers ring and Berserker rings will have decent margins as well, between 3-12k normally. (GE limit: 8) Finally, as one of my personal favorites, try Karils leatherskirt. Usually only a 2-5k margin, but very safe and a quick flip. Do these flips every day and you'll soon notice your GP piling up. Obviously, do your own analysis on these items before you start flipping them and make sure they are not too risky for your liking. If you need more pointers on where to start flipping or what items to flip, i've got a few videos on my channel that you may find helpful (http://youtube.com/c/Syratube) Hope I could help! -Syratube
  2. What is up everyone, today I made a price analysis of the Dinh's Bulwark; an item i've been watching for a while which I personally think has a lot of potential for growth. Before I get further into it, please note: Do your own analysis on this item before you invest. I am not responsible for losses in GP and failed flips. Invest at your own risk. This statement above is something that you should always do as a merchant / flipper in OSRS. Never take someone elses item and flip it, "because they said it was good". You should always look into items yourself, and decide if they are good for you to flip (Safe margin, within your comfort zone for risk, etc.) This is something I feel is not emphasized enough, and a big tip I like to promote on my channel. Anyway, here is the video. I will post some additional tips below: Here are some additional ideas to think about that I missed in the video: Don't invest in this item if you barely have the cash. This is a good way to end up poor really quickly. I could be correct though, and the item could spike, making you some serious cash, but the risk is not worth it if you can barely afford to buy the shield. I have monitored the price of this item for about two weeks (seriously, no joke. That's how invested I am into this stuff, lol) and noticed that is has had a positive buy/sell ratio every time i've looked. While this could just be a coincidence, price movement yesterday indicated that it is likely starting to climb (Moved from 8.5m - 9m between 9pm-9pm , July 16th-17th, and from 9m-9.1m, July 17th-18th). Due to this price movement, I predict it will continue to slowly rise. The Bulwark doesn't have a defined use yet in OSRS, yet it is still priced around 9m. Why is that? Besides it being the tankiest item in game (that I know of) it has a high potential for future use. This is just my guess, but that's why I think price is remaining so high; people want to be there to merch it when it spikes. Anyway, that's all I have for today. Please let me know what you think of the analysis, if you think its a good buy or not, or if you think that I am completely wrong! I'd love to hear all the feedback. If you like this investment analysis, let me know and stay tuned to my channel for future investment analysis episodes!
  3. Hey everyone, this is my first time posting here on the GE-tracker forums. Today, i'm bringing you guys a really quick, easy flip that can net you up to 80k a day! (But i'll be honest, it's rare to make 80k daily from this. It's more like 40k a day consistently) The best thing about this money maker is that it has NO REQUIREMENTS, is available IN F2P, and requires absolutely NO EFFORT! OSRS How to make 40-80k daily doing NOTHING! Along with the video, here are a couple additional tips to net you some extra cash: -Put your offer in once and do not remove it. Since many other people have offers in for fire runes at 4gp, leaving your offer in for longer will give you priority over more recent listings. -Don’t be afraid for the margin to move. It will not. Fire runes are the most traded item in OSRS, and have been since the beginning of OSRS. I mentioned in my video that I was nervous giving this method more exposure would affect trying to buy the fire runes, but with literal millions being traded a day, I realize that was a silly thing to say -Be patient! The fire runes will buy eventually, I promise! -Don’t expect to always hit the GE limit of 20k fire runes an hour. It’s awesome when you do, but it is unrealistic to have expectations of hitting it upwards of 4 times a day. Expect about twice a day. (A 40k net daily) -This trick can be applied to other items, such as feathers. You can list them for 2gp and wait for them to buy, looking to sell them at 3gp! Although I don’t do this (since it takes up another slot that I usually like to flip with) it is definitely an extra way to make some cash. The GE limit on feathers is 13,000, so expect to make 26k-52k a day flipping feathers. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed the video and these additional tips. This is a great method if you’ve don’t got a ton of cash and want an AFK way to make some money. This tip is especially crucial for F2P, as there are not nearly as many money making methods available to them. If you guys enjoyed the style of this video, be sure to check out my Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/c/Syratube) where I post flipping guides, money making tutorials, market analysis and item investment analysis. I also livestream from time to time to teach my viewers how to flip live, in which I highly encourage people to ask flipping questions.


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