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  1. Merches to fund the Sand Arena Addiction, I like it :]
  2. I was so sure it was on Zeah the longest time and was going mad because I couldn't find it
  3. #3 should be east of Tyras Camp.
  4. What a start, nice! I tried that so many times, but I end up transfering over money to the account because I know I have the money and then I just can't not do it :c
  5. Thanks! I don't even dare to think of level 99 farming I'll probably just do some herb runs now that I reached my goal of level 80, unless I need higher than 85 (which is boostable now) for a diary, I'd have to check tho.
  6. Damn, nice find. Too bad I never watch their livestreams because I find them really really boring for the most part
  7. Wild Camel X


    That's what I imagine cows to be doing when nobody's watching
  8. I don't even know why, but I really like the video, even tho it's super simple lol
  9. Didn't actually know they had mechanics to prevent that, but makes sense, otherwise the market would be broken
  10. Wild Camel X


    Hello I started using Ge Tracker a few days ago and made some nice profits so far, really liking it Anyway, on RS I'm currently playing on a maxed ranged tank, working on base 80 stats, which takes me a while because I pk quite often too If you wanna know anything feel free to ask
  11. Well almost, base 80's besides attack/str Hit 80 Farming today, gonna be a bit but I like the skilling grind atm tbh ---------------- A week ago I finished 4582 Magpie implings for hard clues; these are the results: I paid a total of 70,900,000 gp. (They since dropped like 450 gp ea, so 2m in total rip xd) - profit of roughly 7m gp. It's not great money per hour, but I enjoy clues. Out of these I got 87 hard clues, rate is 1/50 so I should've gotten 91 sad times :c Impling loot: Clue loot: I also got 8 master clues as reward from the hard clues, which actually are 1/15 from hards, so pretty lucky there. Loot wasn't anything spectacular and I sold it off instantly to not mess with the hard clue tab. All in all, I'll probably sell some stuff and buy more imps to get a bigger tab.
  12. I use runeloader, has all the features/plug-ins I need


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