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  1. Day graph only shows 2 hours

    Okay thanks a lot for the quick reply! That was all i needed to know:)
  2. Hello guys, I recently posted a question about my day graph, but the question was incorrect. What i really meant was that my day graph only shows 2 hours, where it normaly shows the whole day. Somethimes it even shows only 1 hour. Here i have a screenshot of how it looks, it is not zoomed in by the way! When i press right mouse button nothing happens.
  3. Day graph stuck at 10 minute intervals

    Sorry for the late reaction, i was on vacation. This is how it shows for me, it's still shows the 30 minute time interval, but only 2 hours. Usually it shows a whole day, instead of 2. Somethimes it only shows 1 hour.
  4. Hey, Since a short time i have the problem that my day graph gets stuck at 10 minute intervals and i can't seem to switch it back to the 30 minute intervals. How can i switch it back? Thanks in advance!


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