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  1. I am very new at flipping, started monday with it. I have a question about low volume items and the way the GE tracker calculates the margins. I hope I have put this question on the right forum page. I have learned that it can be very costly to calculate margins on a low volume item. You don't want to use one of the few GE limits that you have on a low volume item. My question is about the margins that GE tracker calculates. I am currently trying to buy uncharged tridents, because the GE tracker suggested it. The GE tracker says to buy on 55.000 and sell on 66.649. With a buy/sell ratio of 2. I am waiting for hours to buy the tridents at around 55.000 (just a bit above). It just does not come trough. Am I reading something wrong on the GE tracker? Or do I miss some vital information about flipping low volume items? I assumed that with a buy/sell ratio of 2 this item must flip fairly quick. But this is not the case. Can someone maybe explain what I am doing wrong here. Or am I just very impatient? Thanks in advance! I just realized I placed this question in the wrong part of the forum, I'm Sorry. can someone please move or remove this question? Btw, uncharged trident's still didn't buy xd Moved on to something else instead.


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