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  1. Rsn: Mormerilon Discord Username: Mormerilon/Phoenix How much time do you spend on OSRS on a weekly basis?: lately almost everyday other than family visits. Elite or General rank?: General Currently A:71 S:71 D:71 HP: 72 working on it. Which bossing team would you like to join? Any/Bandos do not meet the Min requirements but working on it. Bonus: Do you have a crystal halberd? No
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    I always have discord open i also have it on my phone but when i see people talking about something i tend not to butt in cause i prefer to be silent when it's something i'm unsure about but I'm there.
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    well it fell lots due to jagex bannng me twice and deleting my original account, also i loved fable 3's leveling but storyline wasn't as good as 2 all in all fable 1(anniversary) is my all time favorite from the fable series
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    Well, now there's a forum for my favorite GE-Tracker! WOOT I love forums!! Nice to meet you all my real name's Edward, My RSN is Mormerilon and my Youtube name is Phoenix when I got the E-Mail that GE-Tracker has a forum I was overjoyed as I absolutely love browsing forums posting in them and using them to communicate with others and maybe bringing some to love forums as well I'm Male 19 Birthday: July 8TH 1997 I have a few interests I'll list some of them. Forums for one Reading Recording for youtube Gaming Baseball Bike Riding What I read? Manga of course I also enjoy Light Novels What I game on? Xbox360, 3DS and my Computer top 5 Manga? One Piece/Bleach (both have held #1 for a very long time) Kingdom Mahou Sensei Negima Tales of Demons and Gods Black Clover Top 5 Games? The Legend of Zelda (all of them if I were to list them individually it'd take all 5) Fable 1,2,3 Dark Souls 1,2 Fire Emblem Awakening Dragon Quest (I did not add Runescape here as for various reasons it's under my top 15) Reason I love Forums? I've always loved posting my opinion on things so forums is a godsend I've been Forums Staff before (am one currently on an anime forum) so I know my way around forums I may use this site for some YouTube video's in the future so I hope to get to know you all well!


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