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    Time To Move On

    Thanks for the kind words all, I have been really busy lately IRL. Also the forums were down so I couldn't check the replies. <3 you all!
  2. 26g

    Time To Move On

    Pm me on forums for social media mate
  3. 26g

    Time To Move On

    Hey guys, I haven't been on for a week. When I went to take some time of on 25th of May someone went to recover one of my accounts on Friday "26g". I had around 550M on that account at the time, how ever I had a bank pin & the recoverer didn't get to touch my bank. Anyway with the mass information of me online makes it really easy to recover my accounts if you know the email. I decided to take some time off & continue RS maybe later in few months, nothing's for sure though. I'll have a new job after summer & it might take most of my time. For now I'll just enjoy the summer & go outside after being a nerd for few months, lol. Love you guys keep up the great community! <3 Peace P.S. If any of my friends want to add me on social media, message me on forums


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