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  1. Feedback - Music Channel

    Glad it worked out so well
  2. Discord music channel

    I love listening to songs other people post in the #music text channel and also talked about music a bit in the Ge Tracker cc today, so I wanted to suggest something and at the same time make my first post on the forums of this nice community I thought it could be a fun idea to have music voice channel on the discord server, where people could just chill out and queue up some tracks to listen to together. Wether or not people should be able to use their microphone in the channel I don't know, as the communication (and for the brave dropping some bars ^^) could be nice, but it could also end up with people having their background noises play over the music. What do you think? - Miele6255 aka Emil the V5th
  3. 2147483647

    @tvojamtka Gratz mate, I was just curious, and im probably not the only one: how much time do you spend flipping a day?


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