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  1. @xr7 I made the margins
  2. @therminsales I wanted a seperate log for the socks and some of them weren't verified. This is the full log. Socks 2.txt @miele6255 Anywhere from 30 mins to 12 hours lol
  3. Right now I'm just trying to get better at predicting the highs and lows when items crash. I should have another stack pretty soon at this pace ;).
  4. My goal now is to just keep going, I won't be seeing that stack again for a while anyway as it's all invested . @mementomori420I'll make my log public when I find the time. If you're wondering what items I did, it was 99.9% clue rewards .
  5. What were they doing? Whips? Bandos? It had to be some big item, right? And was it just the leaders getting banned or was it everyone involved?
  6. I mean I'm pretty sure it's not enforced at all lol, I haven't heard of anyone getting banned for it and it's pretty obvious it's happening all the time. Still scares me though.
  7. I made the log public yesterday before I posted but some of them weren't verified. Anyway I found this today http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/forums.ws?380,381,153,65579551,0,334986153#0. This is what they said about manipulation on release. Price manipulationPlayers or groups of players should not attempt to manipulate the price of items through controlling their supply or demand. We are considering this to be a reportable offence under item scamming. We have multiple back-end systems that will allow us to identify manipulation proactively and will be keeping a very close eye on any attempts at price manipulation through the Grand Exchange. idk
  8. Only 2 pairs left so here it is I've been flipping these socks since release, so I knew about how many there should be in the game and I went for it. The first time I just wanted to try it out and in a month I made 67921k profit from 38 pairs. This time I started buying mid December and I'm expecting to sell the last two today, just about 3 months later. 73 pairs and 254m profit. The most I had invested was like 320m, before the last spike. I was holding 60 socks while there were about 80-100 in the game. Here's the full log: Socks 2.txt How I did it: First I was just buying as many as I could at their lowest point and when it slowed down enough I started buying them out fast so the price jumped up. Then I just slowly started selling them bellow the peak I created. The problem with that is that you lose a little bit, because you have to buy a few at the peak so it looks like that's what it's worth and then sell under that peak. This is where I got lucky the second time around. I'm 95% sure someone caught up to me doing this and bought a few themselves (other option being a group of people that really wanted these socks for some reason) and soon they made them jump up (1st peak). That alone would be good enough as I could just start selling high at no cost, but not only did it not cost anything, I profited big time as they were buying my socks when they were trying to raise the price. At this point I had around 40 pairs and I knew they would start selling theirs so I held on to mine and bought another 20 while the price was dropping and eventually the trade basically stopped. This was it. I couldn't buy any more without overpaying massively and neither could anyone else. No reason to raise the price myself if I had full control already. I just put them in for ~19m and it worked. Sold one every two days, but I was making 8m a pair. Then I got lucky again. No one noticed the 8m margins, maybe they were scared...I was selling them for ~19m and buying them back for 11m for over a week (6 or 7 pairs) before someone else came in. From that point on I only bought a few more, which I sold for 2-4m profit each, then I just kept lowering the price till I was out and that was it.
  9. Give it a few days, it's gonna calm down.
  10. I almost always undercut but only by as little as possible. It's just efficient. Makes it all flow faster and it's just far less stressful, just throw it in there and forget about it.
  11. Great to see so many replies . I was hoping we could do some kinda group project but oh well. @English @Bescape New items are perfect if you can afford it. There are still some from last years clue expansion that should be quite simple to pull off and as English said, the biggest problem is getting rid of the last few (also why I'll hold on to revealing the item I experimented with for a few more days ), but as long as you don't have everything invested in that one long term project, it shouldn't hurt. I'm looking forward to trying out some higher volume items in the future and I'm expecting those to be a lot harder, my worst fear being competition. I may not be the only one playing with that item and sooner or later someone is going to catch up and they could screw the whole thing up in more than one way. This is where some teamwork would help out a lot, but I guess I'll just need a bigger stack before I try hehe.
  12. I've had ideas about it before I even had 100m and later, when I decided I could pull it off, I tried it out on an item and it worked out amazingly. It was my first long term investment and it worked out pretty much exactly like I planned. It's honestly not even hard if you can afford it, but is it a bad thing to do? In my opinion, when done with cosmetics, "useless" items, it doesn't hurt anyone and they're way easier to work with as well. I was never sure of the rules regarding it though. When you look it up on google it finds very few, old posts and what I've gathered from those is that it's fine if it's one person doing it, but not when it's clans. Is that really how it works? What about one person on 10 accounts? Is it even enforced? You can see it happening quite a bit with certain items and I feel like a lot of the times it might take more people to pull it off, though I can't be sure. I have so many questions lol. Am I right about the rules? Are they enforced? Does anyone have any experience with clans?
  13. Probably just overthinking it lol
  14. If people wanted to sell at the high they wouldn't crash it so fast, there weren't enough traded. I'm thinking some kinda manipulation, but idk.


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