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  1. i swear this site is rigged

    Yeah, as Zips as stated, we get our prices from OSBuddy, you're welcome to compare our graphs to theirs but we aren't manipulating anything, the blowpipes have caught everyone by storm, most players in Runescape right now are aware of the price of the blowpipe, there have even been a few video releases.
  2. Night theme and graph source control

    Awesome update, I can finally use GE-Tracker at night without hurting my eyes. Nice job cow! Also nice to see a fix to the missing data.
  3. Arma pet at 90 kc!

    Your luck at Kree'arra as been insane the last couple of weeks, massive congrats to you mate.
  4. PVM Team Application

    Rsn:straphug Discord Username: yvng h How much time do you spend on OSRS on a weekly basis?: u dont even wanna know, got school tho so 30+hrs Which bossing team would you like to join?Basically everything but sara Bonus: Do you have a crystal halberd?no sadboy Updated.
  5. PVM Team Application

    Hello @maddave, I've added you to the team roster and your roles have been updated on Discord. Welcome to the team!
  6. ancient wyvern shield

    Damn that's really unlucky, sorry for your loss
  7. PVM Team Application

    Hello @Mr jazzaI have updated your role on discord, welcome to the PvM team and good luck on the giveaway!
  8. PVM Team Application

    Hello @Host_ryan I have updated your role on discord and I welcome you to our PvM team!
  9. PVM Team Application

    Hello @Mr Frosty I can accept you into our PvM team, can I ask that you join our discord so that I can update your role. Welcome to the team!
  10. NXSphere - Moderator Application

    Thanks for your application, after much thought we have declined your application. Feel free to apply again at a later date.
  11. Zips - Mod application

    Thanks for your application. Congratulations and welcome to the team Zips.
  12. Compu mod application

    Thanks for your application. Congratulations and welcome to the team Thomas.
  13. Name: Iain (not Lain) Location: UK GE Tracker Profile (link): https://www.ge-tracker.com/profile/duckimo Discord Username: Duckimo How much time do you spend on OSRS on a weekly basis?: 20 hours What is your experience of merching prior to GE Tracker?: None, but have plenty of game knowledge Examples of contributing to GE Tracker (incl. referring friends), or helping new users: I like to organise events for the community, I have contributed in assisting newbies on discord and in the clan chat by pointing them in the right direction. I have created a PvM thread dedicated to the community showcasing drops received during GE-Tracker events. I introduce people to the server and do my best to show them around GE-Tracker's Youtube to show them what we're all about and what guides we have to offer and how to manage their merches.
  14. ComaOS - Moderator Application

    Thanks for your application, after much consideration your application has been denied. Please apply again at a later date.
  15. Ruben - Mod application

    Thanks for your application, after much consideration your application has been denied. Please apply again at a later date.
  16. PVM Team Application

    Hello @Swerve Thanks for submitting your application Your roles have been updates on the discord.
  17. All Boss Drops

    Bandos Bandos Hilt: 1 Bandos Chestplate: 3 Bandos Tassets: 3 Bandos Boots: 3 Saradomin Saradomin Hilt: 3 Armadyl Crossbow: 1 Saradomin Sword: 8 Saradomin's Light: 2 Armadyl Armadyl Hilt: 0 Armadyl Chestplate: 0 Armadyl Chainskirt: 0 Armadyl Helmet: 0 Zamorak Zamorak Hilt: 0 Staff of the Dead: 0 Zamorakian Spear: 0 Steam Battlestaff: 0 Dagganoth Kings' Berserker Ring: 0 Warrior Ring: 0 Seers Ring: 0 Archers Ring: 0 Dragon Axe: 0 Mud Battlestaff: 0 Godsword Shards 1: 7 2: 4 3: 1 Malediction Shard 1: 0 2: 0 3: 0 Odium Shard 1: 0 2: 0 3: 0 Wilderness Bosses Dragon Pickaxe: 0 Dragon 2H Sword: 0 Tyrannical Ring: 0 Treasonous ring: 0 Ring of the Gods: 0 The Corporeal Beast Elysian Sigil: 0 Arcane Sigil: 0 Spectral Sigil: 0 Spirit Shield: 2 Holy Elixir: 0 Dragon Armour Pieces Dragon Chainbody: 0 Dragon Full helm: 0 Draconic Visage: 0 Dragon Warhammer: 0
  18. Glad to be finally let out of the bullpen, I hope we can do some good for GE-Tracker, we've earned it @zips & @Dan congratulations to you both
  19. These are very good options if you have a limited cash stack, some good ideas here, great guide!
  20. What to flip? Starting with 12m.

    Our high volume selection is pretty good for safer flips, also I'd play around with our suggested items and use the filter options to cater to your cash stack.
  21. From Scratch Series Episode 1

    This is a series where I have sold my entire bank and put it onto an alternate account so I can start fresh and come up with my own ideas on how I'll start off and what money making methods I'll use to make money. Firstly, I sold bank This my bank in untradeables, after I'd sold everything and transferred it, What's left are all essentials such as my fire cape, fighter torso, dragon defender, barrows gloves. The only thing worth noting is my feathers collection which I will not sell. Next I went to lumbridge and killed 4 cows, picked up the bones and cowhides, sold them for an anti-dragon shield and a knife. I went to Lava Dragon Isle in the wilderness and picked white berries with a looting bag, after the first inventory I went back to the GE to buy a couple of stamina potions to make my trips faster. I did a total of 3 trips. After my third and final inventory of white berries I went to the grand exchange and bought myself a dragon scimitar, black d'hide body/chaps, a glory and some supplies for killing green dragons. I stayed there for roughly 3 hours not being the most efficient at killing green dragons, I was not pked as it was earlier in the morning and I used a 2k total world. I also managed to pick up 2 hard clues, for emotes, I already had items in my STASH. The rewards were pretty decent. After my grinding I had accumulated roughly 2.6m, I bought myself a whip and some barrows gear. The 4th chest of the series I got myself a very juicy loot, I have the hard Morytania diary so all runes I received are doubled. After my lucky loot it was pretty much a dry streak of just runes and bolt racks. At the end of episode 1, this is how my bank is looking. If you would like me to continue posting updates or have any suggestions on how I can improve my series please let me know, I think I will edit the pictures down to give more space on the thread.
  22. Hey

    Welcome to GE-Tracker Camel, I'm glad you're enjoying it here, it's nice to see you made some profits keep up the good work! If you'd like to talk to anyone regarding merching or anything else the best way to reach us is via discord.
  23. Theme selection

    I believe I've pestered James a couple of times for a dark mode, I think it's on his todo list although he has a very long todo list I'm sure he will get to it eventually. It would be nice to see some new themes for the website though I agree.
  24. Very nice, I remember approving your image for your merchanting log, a really good find. I wish I was paying attention when this stuff was going down!


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