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  1. Do you have any goals in relation to merching? What brought you here. I'd love to hear your story.
  2. Some good educational resources (FACTUAL) based off of the data that Jagex provided during the 2017 data stream. Keep in mind that the information there is quite old now (AKA the margin of error when trying to extrapolate to today is quite high), however the rate at which items comes in the game increases over time due to players becoming more efficient at the new content.
  3. Personal opinion: Due to the integrity changes making it so you cant stake items vs items anymore, its let merchers dominate the market since there isn't the uncertainty of a staker who wins a lot of an item dumping on the market. This combined with the fact that gp has to be used to buy items from duel arena winnings has shifted the item market to reflect the actual inflation rate of gp. Hence the sharp decrease in trade volume after Raids 2 (twisted bow is still a BIS) and the continued drop (game integrity changes). When it comes to inflation: -Add in rares, so theres an item that actually reflects the rate of inflation in the economy. -Add in MAJOR costs/gold sinks to anything new coming to the game henceforth so theres a cost/benefit to doing pvming/bossing just like there was back in the day before they changed the death mechanics. Makes me sad to see that were headed at full speed right down the same road that RS3 did. P.S. Ofc that rollback scare (July) had an impact, however this trend goes all the way back to June 6th.
  4. Osrs needs rares. The gp inflation rate is out of control. When that bubble bursts due to (either/and/all): A. There being a new BIS. B. The merchers who've been buying up the trade volume sell. C. The unrestricted nature of osrs markets (people panic selling/buying). Its going to make history.
  5. The population average hasn't declined yet and doesn't seem to have a statistical correlation when you compare it to prices in game. That being said, theres a good logical argument for the price rises/decreases when compared to the school year and the number of pvmers (general) and people bossing increases a lot. Due to the effects of inflation and manipulation of certain item markets though, its very difficult to make an accurate long term prediction.
  6. PvM supplies which are high volume. (runes/darts/scales)
  7. That is an issue that osbuddy is aware of and working on solving. Unfortunately Ge-tracker cant solve the problem or i'm sure James would've done so already. Wish I had a better answer as theres a lot of people that share your frustration (myself included).
  8. Seeing as how this is something I specialize in; I'd be happy to share with you a list of recipes. Message me on discord if interested.
  9. FlippingOldschool has a youtube series about flipping on free to play. I recommend you give it a look for inspiration. To be clear: Use the items he's flipping as inspiration as to what category of free to play items you could flip. You'll have to decide for yourself via trial and error/analysis which are the most profitable/reliable to make money. his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIi4nY4YuOYUJEg8XLM0vQw P.S. Make sure you have free to play items only selected in your ge-tracker settings to save you a lot of time when looking for items.
  10. The Zodiac

    OSRS Mobile

    I was in the closed beta on my samsung galaxy S7. Battery and CPU usage on the phone was high so it heated up significantly. Maintained 60 fps unless went fully zoomed out. Fingers don't make for the most efficient/precise mice though, so i'd recommend just going for a tablet or getting a stylus if you plan on playing on your phone a lot. The beta itself had very few bugs. On the hidden forum section we could post feedback to, I didn't hear anything about anything gamebreakinig being discovered outside of a rendering glitch here or there.


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