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  1. dear, Couple of days ago, i created an acc on ge-tracker. Stupid as me i disabled few weeks a go my autenticator on rs. After i created an acc here, my rs acc was hacked and my bank was stolen. i play for 10 years never ever i was hacked. i am almost most certain that one of ur staffmembers hacked me. I dont need nothing or want nothing, only thing that i want is screen ur staff. How am i certain? my screenname is different than that from my acc name so i log in with a different name. Only people who has acces to rs-data base should know my acc name. what i am gonna do is am gonna comply this back to runescape. They can search that ip that hacked my acc. Again i dont want nothing back or asking for something, only thing that i ask is find this piece of sh*t in ur staff


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