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  1. Your account has been deleted as requested.
  2. Welcome to GE Tracker! I would recommend checking out Flipping OldSchool on YouTube, he has some excellent guides, including multiple videos about obtaining your first bond We have a very active Discord community, you might be interested in joining.
  3. James

    Unban my ip

    Hey, I can't seem to find an IP ban for your account. Are you still having trouble?
  4. Hi Decot, Unfortunately, Apple does not give us the ability to look up orders via an ID, and we do not have any API logs or subscription attempts from your account 'Decot'. Is this the same user account you are using on the app? I would recommend contacting Apple for a refund, and then attempting the payment again. Thanks
  5. Welcome to GE Tracker!
  6. Hello, I can't see any log of your payment on our side - are you sure it went through?
  7. James


    Hello, I have unbanned your Discord account
  8. We have an update for the profit tracker planned soon that will include this, as well as tracking profit of "crafted" items
  9. We want to apologise for the recent downtime that you have experienced with GE Tracker. We have been experiencing intermittent server faults, which are increasing in both severity and duration. I have made some changes to the server configuration this morning, which should help mitigate any downtime over the next few days. However, the underlying issue is still present. As such, we will move our planned server migration from late-March to this weekend. We now have a status checker service running that you can use the monitor the uptime of the website: https://status.ge-tracker.com I will post another update before the migration begins.
  10. Thanks! As promised, I have just added the Graphs documentation over at https://www.ge-tracker.com/docs
  11. We're in the process of moving our graphing data to a new database. Once this is complete, we plan on adding more options to view historical data via the API, as currently you are limited to the `/api/graph` endpoint. As I'm writing this I've noticed that it is not documented - I'll sort that out on Monday
  12. Hey sporkasoid, You cancelled your subscription on 11th January 2020 and an email confirming this was sent at 2020-01-29 11:30:49. The reason you are not seeing a "Cancel Subscription" is tab is because your subscription is already cancelled, and your Premium will expire on the 14th Feb, as you are on a grace period until then
  13. Candlesticks are live on the site again
  14. It's Runelite's decision not to publish a pricing API
  15. We have just rolled out an update today with many backend changes and fixes. Alongside this update, we have a new website theme and also made a few other changes. New staff member We would like to officially welcome Primo as our newest staff member! He has always been a very active member of the community, come along to Discord and say congrats! Obsidian theme Dan has been working on a new website theme, "Obsidian". This is an even darker theme for you night-owls and includes some changes that are helpful to colourblind users, and we are excited to hear your feedback! You can enable the theme under "My Account" in the sidebar, or in the top-right of the website by clicking your username. [img:https://i.imgur.com/DOLig8u.png|75%|https://i.imgur.com/DOLig8u.png] [img:https://i.imgur.com/MsunAJT.png|75%|https://i.imgur.com/MsunAJT.png] Misc. changes Blast furnace calculator now includes the hourly cost of stamina potions Raids drop calculator has been updated to the adjusted maximum chance percentage, and dragon items have been removed Price alerts won't send alerts for prices that are not current in the last update (i.e. >10 minutes old) The cached search prefetch data will now be purged faster than before (read: instantly) when new items have been added to the database Item names will now be updated every week (Thursdays) to ensure they always match the in-game item names Stripe and PayPal billing integrations have been improved slightly, pending a large overhaul in a couple of months
  16. All new user accounts are granted a premium trial and yours has just run out. You can continue using the website/app under limited functionality as a standard member. You can see a comparison of the standard/premium accounts on our pricing page: https://www.ge-tracker.com/pricing
  17. Hey, If you send £2.00 GBP along with your PayPal reference code (it's on the subscription page) you can subscribe via a fund transfer
  18. Glad you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for the next giveaway :-)
  19. Our biggest giveaway yet, pulling in 5,049 users with a combined 40,644 entries! Winners: Cheetamane - 100m gp AdamXD - Dragon warhammer da streaker - 5 x Old school bond Farxees - 3 x Old school bond ben slaven - 3 x Old school bond Excellentpie - 3 x Old school bond test123xD - 3 x Old school bond To those that didn't win - good luck for next time!
  20. We will be drawing winners today and contacting them by email
  21. We use OSBuddy to collect pricing data. If you ask in their Discord (or analyse the website) you can get the API endpoints. Alternatively, you can apply for a GE Tracker API key which provides additional functionality on top of the OSBuddy API: https://www.ge-tracker.com/my-account/api-keys
  22. Just checked your account and it looks like you activated via the link sent to your PayPal email address. Good luck merchanting
  23. Your account has been deleted as requested
  24. This is on our to-do list Our current priority is getting a full release of our mobile app ready, followed by candlestick graphs. This is a feature you can expect to see in a couple of months time
  25. Hey, Can you confirm you're running the latest version, 0.10.1?


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