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  1. Payment Methods

    Hey, If you send £2.00 GBP along with your PayPal reference code (it's on the subscription page) you can subscribe via a fund transfer
  2. Glad you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for the next giveaway :-)
  3. Our biggest giveaway yet, pulling in 5,049 users with a combined 40,644 entries! Winners: Cheetamane - 100m gp AdamXD - Dragon warhammer da streaker - 5 x Old school bond Farxees - 3 x Old school bond ben slaven - 3 x Old school bond Excellentpie - 3 x Old school bond test123xD - 3 x Old school bond To those that didn't win - good luck for next time!
  4. We will be drawing winners today and contacting them by email
  5. How do you guys pull GE Data?

    We use OSBuddy to collect pricing data. If you ask in their Discord (or analyse the website) you can get the API endpoints. Alternatively, you can apply for a GE Tracker API key which provides additional functionality on top of the OSBuddy API: https://www.ge-tracker.com/my-account/api-keys
  6. (Solved)

    Just checked your account and it looks like you activated via the link sent to your PayPal email address. Good luck merchanting

    Your account has been deleted as requested
  8. Only sell/buy items

    This is on our to-do list Our current priority is getting a full release of our mobile app ready, followed by candlestick graphs. This is a feature you can expect to see in a couple of months time
  9. GE Tracker Mobile - can't login

    Hey, Can you confirm you're running the latest version, 0.10.1?
  10. No problem. I'm going to take a look at the graphs on mobile browser after the app is released to ensure users not using the app still have a great experience - but the app is currently our priority. Let me know what you think!
  11. Hey, Thanks for getting in touch. Are you using the graphs on your mobile browser, or via our mobile app? If you're already using the app - do you have any specific examples of when tapping the graph isn't working, that we may be able to reproduce? If you're using the browser, then you should check out our (beta) app! Public beta links: - Android: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.getracker - iOS: https://testflight.apple.com/join/6pXqBFre Feedback/bugs: - https://github.com/gtjamesa/ge-tracker-app/issues Thanks
  12. Logging a sold offer

    Hey, We do not currently have a way to log "crafting" transactions, however, this is definitely on our to-do list and you can expect it within the next 6 weeks or so. What I would suggest, for now, is to log the whole transaction as Cannonballs, but enter the steel bar buy-price. Thanks,
  13. Runes Tanking

    Prices are usually inflated in the run up to a large update like The Kebos Lowlands, and because they were inflated above their regular value, it is likely that they will see a correction unless there remains a large demand for that item in particular. What generally follows an update like this is an overall decline in the market. These videos may help:
  14. Hey everyone! We have imported 46 new items from The Kebos Lowlands update. If you are not seeing them yet, clear your browser cache (Ctrl + Shift + R). You can also view these items on the New Items page. Battlefront teleport Bluegill Boots of brimstone Boots of stone Bottled dragonbreath Bottled dragonbreath (unpowered) Bottomless compost bucket Brimstone ring Broken dragon hasta Celastrus bark Celastrus sapling Celastrus seed Common tench Devout boots Dragon hasta Dragon hasta(kp) Dragon hasta(p) Dragon hasta(p+) Dragon hasta(p++) Dragon hunter lance Dragon knife Dragon knife(p) Dragon knife(p+) Dragon knife(p++) Dragonfruit Dragonfruit pie Dragonfruit sapling Dragonfruit tree seed Drake bones Drake's claw Drake's tooth Fish chunks Greater siren Hydra bones Hydra leather Hydra tail Hydra's claw Mottled eel Potato cactus seed Redwood sapling Redwood tree seed Snape grass seed Uncooked dragonfruit pie White lily White lily seed Wyrm bones
  15. Hello

    Welcome to GE Tracker


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