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  4. PVM Team Application

    Rsn: g8k Discord Username: lsdmdma How much time do you spend on OSRS on a weekly basis?: 14-35 hours Which bossing team would you like to join? bandos, sara, corp, or raids ideally raids Bonus: Do you have a crystal halberd? not yet im just missing chompy kills easily obtainable once i get a corp team ;)
  5. i need help

    All new user accounts are granted a premium trial and yours has just run out. You can continue using the website/app under limited functionality as a standard member. You can see a comparison of the standard/premium accounts on our pricing page: https://www.ge-tracker.com/pricing
  6. i need help

    its saying i have too pay to check the highest margins was there a update
  7. Introduction

    Do you have any goals in relation to merching? What brought you here. I'd love to hear your story.
  8. Solved

    Just use discord to get things sorted quicker lol
  9. Introduction

    Age 28 but age is a funny thing , I have a lot of life experiences that forced me to grow up quickly , I have lived in 16 states on the east coast of the united states , rented houses , apartments, trailers, duplexes, not to mention have had more craigslist roommate / room shares than some small bed and breakfasts. With that comes the realization for me it was about roommate #3 that everyone EVERYONE has a story, an entire life of choices they have made to end up exactly where you are , blew my mind and have adopted a quote into a lifestyle " a smart man learns from his mistakes & a wise man learns from a smart mans mistakes." If you have any questions or life experience you would like to pass along please feel free
  10. beeg

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  11. no

  12. API Key request

    I submitted an API request for more or less the same reason. Personally I've been interested in starting a data mining project to work on some scripting skills and I figured what could be better than GE data. I flip on and off, so it's something I find interesting that I feel motivated to create tools that would be useful to me rather than some random data set / API. What you're describing is pretty similar to what I had in mind for things to work at making. I haven't heard back either (that I'm aware of) and from what I've seen the forums, subreddit and Discord are pretty dead. I'm pretty sure a decent amount of people still use GE tracker, so if any admin's see this post I'd like to also have my API request looked at please. Thank you
  13. API Key request

    I filed a request for a key a few days ago, how long does it useally take for a request to be proccessed? I didn't exactly input a very detailed answer as to why i would like access to the API. Something along the lines of "personal datamining" . But basically i'm a full time flipper on OSRS, i was thinking of writing program/script that notifies me when prices are at certain profitable treshholds. I know u can setup alerts, but i'm looking for something more advanced. Furthermore i would like to create historical price charts in a better overview etc, basically some cool stuff for personal use.
  14. Payment Methods

    Hey, If you send £2.00 GBP along with your PayPal reference code (it's on the subscription page) you can subscribe via a fund transfer
  15. Payment Methods

    I'm from Venezuela and I do not have a credit card for PayPal, can I pay the subscription with btc gold or PayPal transfer? Is there someone who does it?
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  17. Glad you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for the next giveaway :-)
  18. 3 Year Anniversary Giveaway Winners

    Awesome to see this kind of a give away! Thank you so much for doing something like this for sure. I will always use this website for all my G.E. tracking needs! Hope I have better luck next time! EDIT: Woohooo my first post and first reply!!
  19. Our biggest giveaway yet, pulling in 5,049 users with a combined 40,644 entries! Winners: Cheetamane - 100m gp AdamXD - Dragon warhammer da streaker - 5 x Old school bond Farxees - 3 x Old school bond ben slaven - 3 x Old school bond Excellentpie - 3 x Old school bond test123xD - 3 x Old school bond To those that didn't win - good luck for next time!
  20. They need to keep adding more gold sinks. This should not be seen as a punishment as it really is the opposite. With the amount of bots currently active, there needs to be BIGGER gold sinks. In 1 years time. I would love it if my GP holds the same purchasing power. Ever played WoW? A game with muuuuch fewer bots, has an auction tax of 5%. This change is positive and will keep the OSRS economy stable for longer.
  21. We will be drawing winners today and contacting them by email
  22. How do you guys pull GE Data?

    We use OSBuddy to collect pricing data. If you ask in their Discord (or analyse the website) you can get the API endpoints. Alternatively, you can apply for a GE Tracker API key which provides additional functionality on top of the OSBuddy API: https://www.ge-tracker.com/my-account/api-keys
  23. title, sorry if this is the wrong forum section,
  24. (Solved)

    Just checked your account and it looks like you activated via the link sent to your PayPal email address. Good luck merchanting
  25. (Solved)

    just bought premium and haven't received the membership yet. Transaction ID is 72230705XH279645W.
  26. I'm a new dev and wanted to start a project so I have something to work on in my free time to expand my skills. I decided on making a website similar to this one https://rsbuddy.com/efficiency# for some other things, I was wondering how you guys pulled data from the GE. I see you get your data from OSBuddy Exchange, and was curious how you plugged into it/got permission, or if you're willing to share, or if you guys have an open API yourselves.

    Your account has been deleted as requested
  28. PVM Team Application

    Rsn: Pete_G1 Discord Username: TheMedic#1337 How much time do you spend on OSRS on a weekly basis?: 18 Hours, give or take. Which bossing team would you like to join? Chambers of Xeric, primarily, but I meet the requirements for the other teams. Bonus: Do you have a crystal halberd? No, I'm lazy about dairies, but I can go get it done if need be.
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